In 1947, twenty-six people met to begin a Mission Sunday School that eventually would become Immanuel Baptist Church. As the Sunday School continued, a lot was purchased and given to the mission in March 1949 by Mr. & Mrs. Tolbert Apple. In May 1949, twenty-three people met on the lot and broke ground for a building. The foundation for the new building, located at Castle heights and Wildwood, was poured in July 1949.

The ministry continued to grow and be blessed by the Lord. On April 16, 1950, the mission met and set May 14, 1950 as the organizational date for the church. The people decided to call the new church Immanuel, which means "God With Us." Barton's Creek Baptist Church was the sponsoring body.
Immanuel Baptist Church began with forty-four charter members. The steady explosions of growth explain how Immanuel has come to grow. Since its early beginnings, our church has had a heartbeat for lost people and bringing them to Christ. Immanuel has been blessed with four of God's choice servants, Bro. Leonard Arbuckle (1951-1959), Bro. Chester Parker (1959-1962), and Bro. Donald Owens (1963-2000), and Bro. Kenn Hucks (2002-2007). Through the years, they led Immanuel through significant periods of growth and development. Their vision and passion for missions and ministry have brought Immanuel to where she is today. Immanuel Baptist Church is in the top one-percent of churches in the Tennessee Baptist Convention, and Southern Baptist Convention in baptisms, Sunday School enrollment, Sunday School attendance and church membership.
In March of 2008, Immanuel Baptist called John Hunn as Senior Pastor. He is excited God has led him back to Immanuel (graduate of Cumberland University and ordained at IBC). Pastor John's goal is for us to realize just the beginning! We must set higher goals than just getting lots of people from the community to show up on Sundays and Wednesdays. We want to invite people to come to Immanuel and be welcomed into the family of faith. We must also encourage them. "May the example of Barnabas be contagious at Immanuel," Pastor John states. He continues, "We also want people to come, to connect, to grow in their faith. God wants us to keep maturing and growing together!"
We are a church with a rich history and we will be forever grateful for yesterday's stalwart members who faced the challenges necessary to build and continue this great church. Immanuel has made a significant and vital impact upon the church body and the community by carrying out the command of our Lord to reach, teach, win and minister. Firmly rooted in the past, this great church reaches to the future with a vision of great growth and ministry. We are delighted to be a Southern Baptist Church that has the world on our heart and declares that Jesus is the Savior of all who call upon him.
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