Sunday School Classes
Sundays 9:45-10:45am 
Sunday School?

Sunday School at Immanuel is where a small group of people gather to study God’s word, join in fellowship, serve the Lord, share the gospel to the community and multiply their group ministry.

This group setting is where our large church becomes personal. It is the place where people can connect with people. Relationships are formed that provide friends who accompany us on the journey of life.

The Bible is at the core of our teaching and ministry. It bears testimony to Jesus Christ who is the savior and hope for all humanity. Jesus is the living Lord and creator of all. Making disciples who follow Jesus is the ongoing objective of Sunday School.



Bed Babies / Room 105
Teacher: Cynthia Mullican
Creepers / Room 103
Teacher: Christy Norton
Toddlers / Room 100
Teacher: Tammy Boothe
Younger 2's / Room 107
Teachers: Nicole Davis, Brad Davis
Older 2's / Room 102
Teacher: Heather Brown
Three's / Room 104
Teacher: Jean Everett
Pre-K-A / Room 203
Teacher: Alison Hubbard
Pre-K-B / Room 205
Teacher: Lauren Adcock
Kindergarten / Room 200
Teacher: Sylvia Tuggle
1A / Room 208
Teacher: Elizabeth Green
1B / Room 210
Teachers: Claudette Decker, Bill Ross
Life Center
2A / Room 202
Teacher: Vicki Jacobs
2B / Room 206
Teacher: Mary Ann Elmore
3A / Room 204
Teacher: Joyce Tomlinson
3B / Room 205
Teachers: Paul Tramel, Trenton Zorn
707 Westwood avenue
4th / House
Teacher: Barbara Thompson
709 westwood avenue, th' zone
5th Girls / th' Zone
Teachers: Linda Thompson, Yvonne Hunter
5th Boys / th' Zone
Teachers: Brian Anderson, Jimmy DeLacey
6th Girls / th' Zone
Teachers: Cheryl Lewis, Michelle DeLacey
6th Boys / th' Zone
Teachers: Doug Jones, Greg Hemontolor, Evan Hemontolor
705 Westwood avenue, the tower
7th Girls / The Tower
Teachers: Angie Oakley, Trayce Sackman
7th Boys / The Tower
Teachers: Chad Lanning, Steven Oakley
8th Girls / The Tower
Teachers: Patti Clark, Lorie Lea Whitefield
8th Boys / The Tower
Teachers: Chip Bevis, Chris Schrock, Case Sloan
Main Building, Lower level (basement)
9th Girls / Lower Level
Teachers: DeWanda Dedman, Aubrey Schrock
9th Boys /  Lower Level
Teachers: Geoff Atchley, Jeff Vaught
10th Gilrs / Lower Level
Teacher: Tara Christian, Gayle Gannaway
10th Boys / Lower Level
Teachers: Greg Holbrook, Josh Marks
11th Co-Ed / Lower Level
Teachers: James Bryant, Nina Porter, William Porter
12th Co-Ed / Lower Level
Teachers: Wayne Campbell, Gary Yarbrough, Missy Yarbrough
18-35 years old approximately
Owens Building
Nearly/Newly Married  /  Room 201
Teachers: Clark Boyd & Jada Boyd
Co-Ed  /  Room 202
Teachers: Andy Head, Reed Davis, Jared Felkins, Steve Huddleston, Joey Njezic
Young Ladies / Anchor Counseling House 215 Wildwood Ave
Teacher: Rachel Lanning
H.O.P.E (Helping Others Providing Encouragement)  /  Room 125B
Teachers: Brandi Lindsey, Josh Lindsey, Rod Jett
Young Professionals  /  Room 212
Teacher: Matt McFarland
Cumberland University
College & Career  /  Mabry Hall
Teachers: E.J. & Grace Wood, Jeremy & Emily Donegan
Median Adults
36-55 years old approximately
Owens Building
Co-Ed  /  Room 205
Teachers: Justin O'Guin, Steve Bastin
Ladies  /  Room 210
Teacher: Alexis Hunn
Co-Ed  /  Room 200
Teachers: Randall Hutto, Mike Maynard, Lee Anne Warren
Co-Ed  /  Room 203
Teacher: Jim Fuller
Co-Ed  /  Room 207
Teacher: Michael Robinson
Co-Ed / Room 208
Teacher: Mark Clemmons
Co-Ed / Room 100
Teachers: Thomas Brooks, Grant Shanks
Includes ALL Adult ages
Co-Ed / Sanctuary
Teacher: Carl Jones
Singles / Main Building - Room 212
Teacher: Jeanette Harvey
Senior Adults
55 years and up approximately
Owens Building
Ladies / Room 103
Teachers: Chris Albright, Martha Harvey
Co-Ed / Room 106
Teacher: Riad Messiha
Co-Ed / Room 104
Teachers: Fred Brockette, Talmadge Kelley
Ladies / Room 102A
Teacher: Nancy Steward
Men / Room 102B
Teacher: Gary Maggart
Men / Room 101
Teacher: Woody Hunt
Main Building
Men / Room 120
Teacher: Dave Gordon
Ladies / Room 112
Teacher: Davene Tomlinson
Ladies / Room 125A
Teacher: Pat Fossler
Co-Ed / Room 123
Teacher: Carl Johnson
Ladies / Room 101
Teacher: Carolyn Burress
Ladies / Room 200
Teacher: Gaye Christian
Co-Ed / Room 210
Teacher: Tom & Mary Mull