Adam Focht | Israeli Guide | Wednesday Night Guest Speaker

Adam Focht


Adam was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and moved to Atlanta at the age of 12. After college, Adam felt called to Israel. He enrolled as a student in 1997 at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem where he completed a Masters in Bible. He married an Israeli believer in 2000 and they now have four kids, the oldest of whom recently entered the Israeli army. Since coming to Israel, Adam has served as a youth pastor, worked and taught at a local Bible college and as the educational director of a messianic elementary and middle school. He also ran a Bible study ministry for seven years before feeling led to resign and start full time guiding.

Adam has guided many groups and individuals since arriving in Israel. He has worked as a guide at the Yad HaShmona Biblical Garden since 2015. He started guiding full time at the beginning of 2020. Adam finished his doctorate in 2011 and has published articles in Biblical studies and Servant Leadership.

He enjoys guiding and making new friends.